Friday, June 4, 2010

Second Flight- Washington Monument

When we arrived in Atlanta Madison took a quick picture with the pilots and flight attendant. they congratulated her on her accomplishments and told her to tell the President hello.

We had already missed our 2nd flight to DC so we hung out for a while, browsing through the gift shop, getting a bite to eat at Chili's, stretching, etc. As we took the escalator up to Chili's, carry-on suitcases in tow, Madison got on the escalator first. She put her left foot on and then stalled... the longest pause ever... which you can not do on an escalator! Her left foot rose up and her right foot remained firmly planted on the floor. She ended up doing the splits and almost fell doing a backwards roll. I was terrified that her clothes or hair would get caught in the stairs! I panicked of course and grabbed heras she was recovering. I probably shouldn't have screamed. After that she made her Daddy carry her on the escalator.

After dinner I plugged my phone in to charge. The battery kept draining so quickly, even in airplane mode.

Toward the end of our wait I met a nice gentleman that works at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. I believe he said he did something with meteorology. But he travels back and forth to DC.

He reminded me of the places that we needed to be sure and visit- the monuments and museums and Mt Vernon. I told him that one of the reasons we were headed up a couple of days early was so that we could take a day to visit Mt. Vernon! The more I talked about it the more excited about it I got- I had not been since 8th grade and Wes had never been. We have talked about going for years and years but never made the time to actually go. I was so excited that we were finally given this opportunity! And I knew Madison would love running around and seeing the sights there.

We boarded the second plane and in a little over an hour later we started the descent- we looked out of our little window and saw the lights and activity in downtown DC! We saw the Capitol and the Washington Monument! Chill bumps covered my arms.

We landed safely and smoothly. Madison was sound asleep next to her Daddy. We forced her to wake and take her backpack until we could get to the stroller. All bags were found at a room next to the baggage claim area. Apparently they all arrived before we did. Better early than late!

We rolled out to the porte-cochere and hailed a taxi- a kind man in an SUV pulled over and loaded our 82 suitcases and stroller and we piled in. It was the first time Madison has ever been in a moving vehicle with no seat belt. She was fast asleep and was refusing to wake so I held her in my arms as the driver carefully drove straight to the hotel.

The bellman loaded all of our belongings onto a cart and walked us into the luxurious hotel- J W Marriott! It took our breath away! The chandeliers and the 5 star treatment!

I quickly checked in at the front desk (it may have taken a total of 45 seconds) and got our room keys. The bellman showed us the complicated elevator system they had and then showed us to our room on the 8th floor.

We asked for a roll away bed for Madison. While we waited we unpacked and checked out the view. WOW what a view! We could see the Washington Monument and other landmarks from our window!

Madison's little bed arrived and we all got tucked in- snug as a bug... it was almost 1AM DC time...

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