Friday, June 4, 2010

First Flight- Stop the Plane!!!

Well- due to bad weather in Atlanta, we were unable to leave Gulfport on time. In fact, after loading into the tiny plane our pilot announced that he would try to get permission for us to go back into the waiting area to stay comfortable. A minute later he came back on the speaker apologizing, we had to back out and give room for another plane to land and unload. So we were stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours waiting for the OK to take off for Atlanta.

Once we took off, Madison got super excited- she watched out the window, wide-eyed and couldn't get over how tiny everything looked from way up in the sky! She did great and the attendant was very sweet, giving her a big bag full of snacks and a can of Cranberry-Apple juice. Boy did he spoil us! He also told us a funny story about one of the passengers they had on board earlier that day. Here goes...

A husband and wife boarded, on their way to the daughter's wedding in another state. The mother was quite stressed out and nagging the husband over every little thing and complaining the whole flight. When they reached maximum altitude the mother gasped and yelled for the attendant- she was screaming and on the verge of tears. "What's wrong Ma'am? How can I help you?"

"You have to stop the plane! It is an emergency!"

"But Ma'am, we are in the air, there are no stop signs, no U-turns, we can not stop now! What is the problem? Maybe I can help you?"

"My daughter's wedding dress! I left it in the trunk of the car back at the airport! We have to go back! I must go get that dress!!"

She was a nervous wreck and excused herself to the restroom.

The attendant looked at the father of the bride and gently gave this advice- "Just tell her- Honey, I love you. Say nothing else!"

The attendant was great- entertained us and handed out snacks and drinks to keep us happy.

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