Friday, June 4, 2010

Packing for DC

It took almost two weeks (I am a little OCD about planning and packing for a trip), but we got everything together and in suitcases for our trip to DC!

I packed a little of everything in each suitcase just in case we lost one or two on the way.

I bought a new hat for the trip, anticipating the hot sun beating on my pale white skin.

Madison was set since she had plenty of Champion t-shirts for the trip- but since she is so picky about her clothes I had to make sure she had plenty of knit shorts to last the week. The child does not like anything except 100% cotton, preferably knit. Gotta admit, I agree with her. She does not like to even wear jeans- they are not soft enough. UGH.

Flying out to DC today- Gulfport to DC with a short layover in Atlanta. Hoping that the weather will cooperate.

This is Madison's very first plane trip- I hope that she likes it! She has ridden a lot of rollercoasters and loves them so I think that she will do just fine.

Now... what did we forget?

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