Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is it true?!

All of our friends and the Wal-Mart associates gathered.

I placed Ted E. Bear, my camera and iphone with the bell peppers, hoping that was ok since the Wal-Mart manager, Robin, was standing right there!

Robin welcomed everyone and introduced Madison as the Children's Miracle Network 2010Champion of the Year!

She hugged Robin, Mama and Daddy- so excited!!! "Isn't that cool!?"

The Wal-Mart associates rolled out the banner with Madison's picture and she loved that!

Tena spoke for a few minutes- reminding us all that every penny that we donate adds up to a significant amount of money and it all goes straight to Blair E Batson Hospital for Children in Jackson! Madison whispered to her to tell everyone that she had Kawasaki Disease and was treated. She wanted everyone to know that she was very sick but Tena reminded all of us that she is all better now thanks to the great care at Batson!

She then told Madison that she would be traveling to... Washington DC! Everyone clapped and Mama and Madison high-fived when she announced we would get to meet the President of the United States!

Robin then took a few minutes to remind everyone to purchase a $1 balloon at the register! She also introduced Ms Barbara, a Wal-Mart employee that has been with Wal-Mart for 31 years! Robin then told Madison that we would go to the Disneyworld Resort in November! She GASPED for air and then gave Mama not just a high-five but a high-ten!!! then Ms Barbara gave Madison a special treat- a $500 gift card to Wal-Mart to buy a few things for our trip!

She ran over to Robin and Barbara and gave her a signature thank you hug!

Then Mr Ricky, the truck driver, brought over a box of goodies for Madison- a driver t-shirt, POLO, truck clock, truck toy, truck log book, speakers for her IPOD, coffee thermos, and a sucker because she is so sweet. He told us how proud he was of Madison and thanked her for representing MS. She gave him a big bear hug!

Robin thanked her and told her that they would all be watching her journey to DC and Orlando.

Ms Barbara gave her a Mickey Mouse balloon, Wal-Mart lunchbox and lots of little trinkets- toe rings, stickers, smiley face erasers, Silly Bandz and more.

I thanked everyone for joining us and supporting us these last 3 and 1/2 years. I shared the fact that Madison thought we were there for a fundraiser and brought her purse full of change to share... little did she know the surprises that Wal-Mart and Children's Miracle Network had for her!

She spent a minute going through her goodies and then was invited to help with the Wal-Mart cheer!

Clap, clap, clap, clap W*A*L*M*A*R*T, what does that spell? Wal-Mart!

While I participated in a couple of TV interviews (7 and 22) Madison was given a cake server and she cut the cake. She cut the first piece and LICKED the spatula!
The sweet bakery ladies took a few minutes to find a new serving piece and everyone got cake on cute Mickey Mouse plates!

Afterwards we joined Sam and the Arrington girls for a nice lunch at Newk's... we were still floating on Cloud 9 at all of the news and excitement- anticipating the trips and fun to come!

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